Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Update on the other shoe!

I finished it a while ago but never got around to posting pictures of it because I'm lazy. For this shoe I went with a superhero theme and I  think it turned out pretty well.

Click for a closer view

Sorry that I didn't write much, but I'm really sleepy and I already mentioned that I'm lazy.


  1. Hmm, do you do song requests?

    Or sing songs that other people have written about things that are awesome? Because that would be awesome. I'd write a poem about, uh, sunflower seeds or something then you'd make it magic with music; those other songs were truly, truly ace. Plus I'd get to be all like: "I'm famous, that's my song, on the Internet!"

    And people will hear it and be like, "Shit, that's pretty good, you wrote that??"

    And I'll be like "no big deal."

    Eventually the truth will come out that you actually wrote all the music and changed two of the verses to make them sound less retarded and my dreams will fizzle but JUST GIVE ME THOSE FEW MOMENTS OH GOD


    So yeah let me know :)

  2. This should most definitely happen. Especially because I want you to get famous and show off your epic songwriting skills to all of your friends.

    So let's make it happen! You can e-mail me your lyrics (my e-mail address is in my profile) and I'll get crackin' on that song.

  3. This blog, as a whole, is brilliant; keep it up!

  4. Sweet.

    I shall engage the creative juices possibly tomorrow. So many objects to choose from...

  5. Whoa! Did you draw that on??