Friday, July 9, 2010

"Songs for Deserving Things": Part 2

Is there no one out there that shares my love of plates? I know you're there! And I'm not below forcing you into commenting! Please, I'll give you a cookie. My ego can't take much more of this.

Here's part 2 of "Songs for Deserving Things". This time it's Google that gets the honor of having me haphazardly write and sing a song for him/her (I'm not sure which Google prefers), isn't he/she lucky? Maybe. You decide. And comment, damnit!


  1. I'm commenting! I'm commenting! Again.

    Okay if I just say the same thing, only using different words?

    You are freaking awesome.

    Shit, I think those are the same words I said last time. Shit, am I allowed to swear here? I said "shit" twice this time. I'm pretty sure I didn't do any shitting last time.

    Now I want a banana.

  2. It's nice to know that force works. Yay! And you can go ahead and fucking swear as much as you'd fucking like here.