Monday, July 19, 2010

Procrastination and Paint

I've been procrastinating again. But in a good way! Last summer I painted a pair of shoes for myself with Star Wars, Buffy, Supernatural and some more shows so yesterday I was like, "let's do that again!" even though I should have said no to myself because it took me forever to finish last time. Here are last summer's shoes:

Those aren't all of the angles because I didn't feel like taking pictures of all of them, but one shoe is TV show themed and the other is Star Wars. Yes, I am a nerd.

I made a pair for my sister for her birthday last year but I never got around to taking pictures, but trust me that they turned out even better than my first pair, much, and they had more than just pop culture stuff. On one shoe she had me paint a landscape of houses along a cliff in Greece, Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, etc. So I figured that if I made a new pair they'd be even better than the last ones (two pairs of shoes totally makes a trend, it's common knowledge). For the new shoes I decided to go a movie route, and considering that a majority of my favorite movies happen to be made by Pixar (I'm seriously starting to wonder if they made some sort of deal with the devil or something because how is it possible that every movie they make is pure gold?) I figured that it should be the theme for one of the shoes. And so, A MASTERPIECE IS BORN!

Click for the big picture. Also, all images belong to Disney and Pixar.

And I made myself all paint-y.

I'm not sure how I got that much paint on my legs, especially considering I was painting a shoe...

I don't know what to paint on the other shoe. Maybe classic movies like Casablanca and North by Northwest or movies like Jurassic Park and Fight Club. Suggestions?

PS. A real post is still coming..... eventually. But in more procrastinating news (yay!), I'm still working on my graphic novel. I finished two more pages and I storyboarded the next few pages, so I think I'm on a good track, and even if I never finish it I can still put some of the art in a portfolio. Here's one of the new pages.

PPS. I made paella for dinner tonight and now my tummy is happy. :)


  1. That is really cool! I really want to try that now. Does the paint actually stay on?

  2. Annie- Thanks! I use a mix of puff paint and acrylics so it stays on pretty well (puff paint is the shit and never comes off of anything). I haven't had any problems with the first pair of shoes I made and it's been over a year. Also, if you want to try this I recommend getting a fairly cheap pair of white canvas shoes so you don't worry about ruining them(I got mine at Target but Kmart has good prices too).

  3. Holy shit!
    so I come here from Very Serious, and DAMN!!!!!
    Those shoes are fricking amazing!

  4. Dude, those shoes are so awesome. Also I'm jealous about the paella.

  5. You are a really good artist! I love the shoes! Keep up the great work.